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How to get high quality incision?

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For the cutting surface is uneven,How to get high quality incision?

We are very concerned about the question that how to get a smooth and perfect quality incision in the process of cutting various metal plates. In the cutting process, the distance between the cutting head and the plate need to change alsobecause the difference of cutting material, thickness. But it's unrealistic to adjust this height artificially in a high speed cutting.

To make up The unstable height of Manual-adjustment,Brlaser metal laser cutting machines was equipped with the bcs100 or IPG Capacitor Independently Adjustable Height Device. Which Simple operated,Can be upgraded online with U disk, adaptived Capacitance parameters,And fit with any cutting head and nozzle.

The working principle of the capacitance hight regulator is:The capacitance was Formed between the capacitance hight regulator inductive ring and the steel platet,And The capacitor's size are related to the distance between them.

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